Solar Ammo Box Generator Project - Solar Panel and Frame

by Matt Lesak

Solar Panel

I purchased an ALEKO 50W panel from Amazon for my ammo box solar generator and I'm very happy with it.  It comes with a blocking diode, junction box and MC4 connectors.  The cables are outdoor rated 10 AWG which is more then enough for 50W @ 12v.  I paid $89 which comes to $1.78/W.  That's not the greatest ratio, but for the size/quality, I feel it was worth it.


I built a frame from PVC with the following:

Quantity - Length

1 - 28.5"
2 - 1.25"
2 - 20"
2 - T connectors
4 - End caps
4 - Grip tape pieces. (2) for bottom of end caps and (2) for bottom of frame

Here's what it looks like:

I didn't glue any of the PVC together so I could disassemble it.  To attach the frame to the panel, just secure the 28.5" piece to the frame via zip ties.  I've had it outside in 60+ MPH winds and it holds.  I'm planning to add a couple of eye bolts to the end caps so you can secure it to the ground with tent stakes as another option.  I cut the MC4 connectors off to extent the cable length and I didn't want the MC4 connectors laying on the ground.  In hindsight, I would have left them on and just purchased another cable with MC4 connectors on one end.

Wanted to thank NC Prepper for the idea and excellent video that covers his setup!