Eceen 13W Protable Solar Charger Review

by Matt Lesak

Great product!  I purchased it on March 2015 and have been testing it with different devices.  Build quality is great and I like the overall design.  It has a foldable kickstand which comes in handy.  Output was consistent on both ports (5V @ 1A each). Very light weight compared to the Anker product I purchased last year.

It comes with 4 carabiners and a micro USB cable.  It DOES NOT COME with a battery.  Eceen does sell battery packs and they sent me one so I could test with the panel.  The one I used in the video is 10,000 mAh.  I will review their batteries in another video I'm working on.


Eceen Amazon Store Front:

Eceen 10,000mAh battery:

I purchased this unit in March of 2015.
The Eceen battery was sent to me at no charge for review by the manufacturer.  Eceen has been proactive by asking for feedback on this and other products.  They have offered to send me additional products to review and I accepted.  My one requirement was I would provide honest reviews of both pro/cons of their products and they had no issue with it.