Solar Ammo Box Generator Project - Prototype 2

by Matt Lesak


I wanted to share some pictures of the 2nd prototype.  This unit still contains the generic Chinese charge controller that has sense been replaced.  I did address the following:

  • Lid needed to opened for charging - this was address by using a Powerlet Socket and plug. I'm really happy with how this turned out.  A good friend of mine were discussing my project and he made this suggestion.  He's a motorcycle nut and knew this would do the trick.
  • No breakers/fuses - I added a 10A inline fuse to the Powerlet Socket, 10A breaker coming from the battery that leads into the power switch.
  • Bolts sticking out of the side of case - This one took little bit of research.  I found the solution by using a Sex bolt/Combo truss head (yes, that's what these are called).  Worked perfect!
  • No rubber gaskets on bolts - Picked some up locally.

Next Steps

I'll be uploading the final prototype pictures shortly.  I'm working on the videos and will post as soon as they're done.

solar ammo box generator project