Solar Ammo Box Generator Project - Prototype 3

by Matt Lesak

Updated Charge Controller

Here's the last picture with the final charge controller I've elected to use.

Several Reasons why I went with this controller:

  • Tons of great reviews
  • Sealed and came with the terminal cover.  If you want the terminal cover, there's a specific model that comes with it.  I purchase mine of a Amazon and double checked with the seller to make sure it come with the cover.  Some do and some don't.
  • Size and specifications were perfect
  • Company has been in the solar business for years and is located in the US
  • Controller is UL listed, thorough documentation, and solid warranty
  • Here's a link to the data sheet and documentation

What's Next

I'll post some information on the solar panel I'm using with this generator and videos will be forth coming.

Solar Ammo Box Generator project